Welcome to Faith Baptist Church.

You’ll discover that Faith Baptist Church is different

We’re committed to love and truth. Some churches are all emotion. Theology, they say, divides people. Others are rigid doctrinally to the loss of compassion. At Faith Baptist Church love and truth are like two wings of an airplane. One alone won't do.

Our church is built on two pillars: 
1. Our church is a teaching church.
 Listen to our sermons. You’ll see that our light for living comes from the Bible. 
2. Our church is a family church.
 We are members of Christ, to quote the Bible, and members of one another. There is a bond of love between all Christians through the Spirit.

We welcome into fellowship any Christian who confesses Christ as Lord and Saviour. Even if they hold marginally different views from ours on baptism or eschatology, etc. If you love Jesus Christ, you are welcome to the Lord’s Supper (it is His table not ours) and into our family.

We’d like to invite you to fellowship with us. Attend our services. Join us for tea and coffee downstairs before the 11 o'clock service. And if your visit falls on a day we hold one of our “providential dinners” (read: pot luck) stay and join us for a meal. It’s free. And you are always welcome.